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The best sounding, most versatile drum samples on the planet.

The best sounding, most versatile drum samples on the planet.

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Everything you need.
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What do the pros think?

Chris "Zeuss" Harris

Hatebreed, Whitechapel,
Suicide Silence, Terror

"Your library is one of the best out there.“

Stephen Egerton
Stephen Egerton

Descendents, All,
MXPX, Less Than Jake

"You won't find a more natural, usable, or believable library of samples anywhere."

Jay Maas
Jay Maas

Title Fight, Bane, Defeater,
Have Heart, Transit, Counterparts

“These samples are so easy to blend into the a mix transparently, giving a mix extra impact and punch!"

Bob Horn
Bob Horn

Timbaland, Macy Gray,
Everclear, Nelly, Usher

“Room Sound samples allow me to be in control of the tone."

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Introducing Room Sound
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Think samples can't sound real? Think again.
Wooly Custom
Wooly Custom (E tuning)

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